The Beamer

This year's most sensational invention comes from Austria. Lilien Grabmann, a teacher, has invented a beamer.

You only have to press a button , then you have to think of a diffrent place and 10 seconds later you are there.

Lilien invented the beamer because she always gets late to table tennis or other sports. But not only Lilien had the idea for the beamer, also her mother contributed something because she wants to save petrol and the climate. This invention is 100% eco- friendly.

You can buy the beamer at the“Lilien- eco- friendly“ shop for 50 000$. But half of the earned money goes to poor families in Africa.

With this machine you can beam seven people together to another place. All people should have a beamer in their homes because when there are no cars in the streets anymore you have more space for plants and animals. Also the climate will improve. I think with this invention the earth will “live“ longer. Buy it!

(c) Lilien Grabmann, 3a (2019)