Great invention

This year the inventor Christopher Silver made a great invention. It's a robot which can make everything for you.

The robot can do your homework, can make food for you, can tidy your room and many more things. 

It looks like a human with grey skin. The robot has yellow eyes and wears a hat. It works with the newest technology. 

The machine took Mr. Silver ten years to invent. At the age of sixteen Christopher got the idea for a robot like this. He needed it because he was too busy to cook or tidy his room. His friends always said that he was crazy because no one can build something like that. Because of these words, he wanted even more to build this machine to prove the people it can be done. He spent two million dollars to build the first of these machines. He has constructed five machines so far.

Now his friends think, that this was the best idea he ever had.

(c) Jana Mayrhofer, 3a (2019)