Where is Felix?

It´s Thursday morning . Detective Gadget is at the office.The telephone rings.

Lady Fine – an old & rich lady – is on the phone because she can´t find her cat “Felix“. She´s very worried. Gadget says “Don´t worry Lady Fine. I can find Felix.“

A little bit later he leaves the office to look for Felix. He wants to look for Felix in the woods. Gadget arrives in the woods. He looks for Felix but he sees a wolf. He runs to a tree.He climbs the tree and sits in it. He phones Lady Fine “Gadget here . I have got a problem. There´s a wolf here. Please help me!“ Lady Fine says “Give me ten minutes.“ Lady Fine arrives in the forest. She picks up a branch and hits the wolf on the nose with the branch.The wolf runs away. Detective Gadget says „Thank you, Lady Fine!“

“Perhaps Felix is at the playground“, he thinks and says to himself. Suddenly Detective Gadget falls out of the tree! He goes to the playground. He looks under the tree. Gadget finds tracks. Then he looks up to the top of the tree...and... he sees-Felix. Felix is sleeping in the tree.

Detective Gadget is very happy. He climbs the tree and wakes Felix up. Felix jumps into Lady Fine´s arms .They´re very happy. Lady Fine carries Felix home.


(c) Johanna Nobodyknowsthefamilyname, 1b (2019)