The world's best detective

It is Wednesday morning. Detective Gadget is in his office and he's still sleepy. He is the world's best  detective but sometimes he is really clumsy.

After his lunchbreak the phone rings.  Lady Fine is on the phone because she can't find Felix, her cat and she is really nervous and worried.

Gadget says to her ''Don't worry, I can find Felix.''

Detective Gadget walks to the forest but he sees a wolf and he jumps on a tree and shouts. “Go home!“ After climing down he goes to the playground.

What a surprise!!! Felix is sleeping on a tree next to the swings. He calls Lady Fine excitingly and tells her the good news.

Lady Fine is really happy and she immediately runs to her lovely cat. She thanks Gadget a lot and gives him a big hug.

With a smile on her face she walks home with Felix. Detective Gadget did a good job again.


(c) Nina Riegler 1. Klasse, (2019)