The wanted cat

It´s Wednesday morning. Detective Gadget is at the office.He´s clever but a little bit clumsy.The telephone rings.He picks up the phone.

“Hello,I am Lady Fine.I can´t find my cat Felix.“ “Don´t worry Lady Fine,Ican find Felix“.Lady Fine is old and very rich.

Mr.Gadget looks for Felix in the forest. But he sees a wolf. He runs quickly to the playground. He looks for Felix on the swing.

Felix isn´t there. Mr.Gadget climbs a tree and looks for him. He sees Felix. Felix sleeps. Detective Gadget phones Lady Fine.

“I have got Felix. He is at the playground“. Lady Fine arrives at the playground.“Thank you Mr.Gadget“, Lady Fine says happily.


(c) Alexander Becherer, 1b (2019)