The lost cat

Mr.Gadget is at the office and he is tired. The telephone rings.

“I`m Mr.Gadget, the world`s best detective.“Here is Lady Fine,I can't find my cat Felix.“ “Don't worry, I can find Felix. He leaves his office and after a while he comes to the park. But Felix isn't there. The man goes to a playground and he looks into into every tube slide but Felix isn't there. The detective climbs a tree  to have a better view. He does not see Felix. So climbs down. “Perhaps Felix is in the forest“, he says to himself.

So he drives to the forest and looks for Felix. It is on a tree and sleeps. But suddenly an angry wolf comes.

Mr.Gadget climbs a tree as fast as possible. Then he calls Lady Fine on the mobile telephone.

“I have Felix but I have a got problem. There is a wolf here.“ “Give me 15 minutes.“

Gadget waits. Lady Fine chases the wolf with stones. Felix jumps into Lady Fine's arms.

Lady Fine thanks Mr.Gadget and carries Felix home.

“I'm Mr.Gadget ,the world's best detective“, he says proudly.


(c) JOnas Hackl, 1b (2019)