The lost cat

Sherlock Gadet is in his office. It is Monday evening. The telephone rings. It is the rich Lady Fine.She is old. Lady Fine says, “Lady Fine speaking. I can't find my cat. Its name is Felix. Its fur is orange.“

Lady Fine is nervous. Sherlock Gadget says, “Don 't worry Lady Fine. I can find Felix.“

“Oh, thank you Mr. Gadget.“. Detective Gadget leaves his office. He comes to a playground. Perhaps Felix is in the playground. Detective Gadget bumps into a tree.

„Ouch“. Perhaps Felix is in the forest. Sherlock Gadget can't see Felix but he sees a wolf.

„“Oh, help!“ he shouts. He climbs a tree and he hears a noise. There is an orange cat.

„“Oh, it 's Felix. Felix sleeps and then he opens his eyes. Detective picks Felix up and phones Lady Fine.

“Hello Lady Fine. I 've got Felix and I 'm in the forest.“ “Wonderful“ Lady Fine says.

“But I have a problem. There is a wolf. Please help me.“, Detective Gadget says. Lady Fine says,“Give me 10 minutes.“

Detective Gadget waits. Lady Fine arrives in the forest.

“Bad wolf. Go away.“ Lady Fine shouts and she hits the wolf on his head with her umbrella.

The wolf runs away. The branch breaks, Sherlock Gadget falls out of the tree.

Felix jumps into Lady Fine 's arms. “Thank you Mr. Gadet“. Then Lady Fine carries Felix home. Mr.Gadet goes back to his office happily.


(c) Elias H, 1b (2019)