The lost cat

Today is Monday. It's lunchtime. The clever Detective Gadget is in his office

and eats his big sandwich. Suddenly the telephone rings! Lady Fine, the old and rich lady is on the phone . She says :“Please help me . I can't find my cat Felix!“Lady Fine is very nervous! Detective Gadget says to her: “Don't worry, Lady Fine I can find your cat .“

In the afternoon Detective Gadget leaves his office and he looks for Felix. At first he goes to the big playground next to the forest .He thinks :“Perhaps Felix is under the swing but Felix isn't there . He stands up and bumps his head on the swing.

A little bit later he arrives in the forest . He goes to a big tree and looks for Felix but he sees a big dark brown wolf. He is very afraid and climbs the tree . Then he looks around and hears a noise. He sees Felix.

He sleeps on a branch. Detective Gadget is very happy. He picks Felix up and watches the bad wolf. Suddenly he has got an idea. He breaks a branch and throws it away. The wolf runs after the branch. Suddenly he hears a noise.

The clumsy Detective forgets he is in a tree . He stands up but there is no grass .He falls out of the tree .He says :“Ouch!“ Then he carries Felix home to Lady Fine. She is very happy .


(c) Timo Fürnhammer, 1b (2019)